Frederick Morlock



Experienced Software Engineer and Computer Scientist interested in Machine Learning and pushing the boundaries of Computer Science. I am still exploring the field, but I find extreme interest in all the areas I visit. My current research interests lie in solidying the theoretical underpinnings of neural networks and hyperspectral machine learning.


Software & Machine Learning Engineer – TruTag Technologies (Apr 2022 - Present)

I currently work as a Software & Machine Learning Engineer at HinaLea Imaging, a TruTag Technologies subsidiary focused on the development of hyperspectral imaging and sensing. I lead the effort into developing state-of-the-art hyperspectral machine learning algorithms for sensing on our HYSI data.

Full Stack Engineer – Simeon Cloud LLC (Mar 2021 - Dec 2021)

Built out a bi-directional sync engine for configuration as code in .NET C# for the Microsoft 365 platform that runs on serverless architecture. Was also responsible for building out a user interface on the web in Vue, Typescript, and SASS.

Machine Learning Research Assistant – NYU Shanghai (Dec 2019 - Dec 2020)

Researching the mathematical aspects of theoretical machine learning under Professor Shuyang Ling of NYU Shanghai. Currently focusing on graph embedding, sparsification, and coarsening, the goal of which is to allow large-scale graph networks to be computed on with a greatly reduced computational footprint and minimal deviations from computations on the original.
Conducted research under Professor Ling for a senior thesis in specifying the limits of popular dimensional reduction techniques and visualization techniques, such as t-SNE, all of which were implemented in PyTorch and Numpy.

Cryptography Research Assistant – NYU Shanghai (Aug 2019 - Dec 2019)

Researched emerging post-quantum, lattice-based cryptography schemes under the guidance of Professor Siyao Guo of NYU Shanghai, as well as delved into the inner workings of quantum computing theory. The goal of the research was to investigate some of the many open questions in post-quantum cryptography and work towards answering them.
Gained experience in writing proofs for proving the security of cryptographic protocols, which are critical in ensuring the security of existing and emerging schemes.


Institution Degree Dates Attended
NYU Shanghai B.S. Computer Science Sept 2016 - Dec 2020
NYU Shanghai B.S. Mathematics Sept 2016 - Dec 2020

Recent Work

Until GitHub provides a better API for showcasing repositories, you can find my recent and pinned repositories on my GitHub.


Morlock, Frederick, and Dingsu Wang. "MAD-VAE: Manifold Awareness Defense Variational Autoencoder." arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.01755 (2020). Available Here.



You can reach me on any of the following social media platforms. Additionally, you can find my email in my resume.